Thursday, October 16, 2008

Discuss some of the advantages and/or disadvantages of having three or more generations of a family living together under the same roof.

The advantage of having three or more generations living together under the same roof is that there is always someone to watch the youngest generation. You can learn things from the previous generations instead of reading it in a book. Disadvatnages is that there is a lot of arguing and conflicts. When I lived in Kearny, in my house was my grandma (my dad's mother), my mom, me, and my dad. Needless to say my dad was the odd one out in the house and always outnumbered. My mom and grandma would constantly fight over every little thing. The plus side to having my grandma living with us was that I always had someone to talk to and play with when my parents were at work or I wanted something to do. It was kind of like having a built-in babysitter. I loved having my grandma downstairs, I could go visit her any time of the day.

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